Construction is now complete on an all-new 270-acre, 52-megawatt solar facility built in collaboration with the Reedy Creek Improvement District and Origis Energy USA to provide clean renewable energy to Walt Disney World Resort.

Access Disney’s blog on the project at:

Alten Energy’s expert installation team of over 130 skilled individuals for the completion of the Balance of System portion of the project. Depcom Power Inc. the EPC for the project, engaged the Solar & Energy Storage Contractor to complete the following works:
● Cable Tray System Assembly & Installation
● PV Wire Plug & Installation
● Harnesses Installation
● Medium Voltage & Fiber Optic Installation
● Grounding System
● Electrical and Mechanical Installation of Combiner Boxes including required electrical testing and terminations
● Installation of 13 Power Conversion Stations (PCS)
● AC/DC Terminations including testing
● Tracker Controls, Instrumentation & Monitoring
● Testing & Commissioning
● Utility Interface

“There were challenges that could have potentially impacted the schedule of the project, but every step of the way, the team was in communication with all stakeholders involved to ensure we met the accelerated construction deadlines and budget goals of this project” said Jean David, a Partner and Director of Operations & Business Development at Alten Energy.

Alten Energy is a Solar & Energy Storage Contractor for Commercial, Industrial and Utility Scale projects. Specializing in the construction of PV & Energy Storage facilities. A market leading integrator, has installed over 120 MW of solar projects for a variety of EPCs and Developers. Founded by Ibrahim Fehmi (CEO, President), Yamil Pagán (VP of Business Development, Partner), and Jean David (Director of Operations & Business Development, Partner) Alten was also named a Top Solar Contractor by Solar Power World in 2018.