Puerto Rico, nestled in the Greater Antilles of the Caribbean, is renowned for its breathtaking landscapes and remarkable climate. However, the island’s geographical location also places it directly in the path of frequent hurricanes during the hurricane season. As climate change unfolds, warmer waters have fostered a more conducive environment for these destructive storms. Recognizing the increasing frequency of larger-scale storms, Puerto Rico experienced the devastating impact firsthand when Hurricane Maria struck in September 2017 with winds exceeding 154 miles per hour. This catastrophic event prompted a profound realization that greater preparation was necessary. Enter Alten Energy and Tesla, pioneering the installation of renewable energy solutions to fortify Puerto Rico’s resilience.

In the wake of Hurricane Maria, the loss of power resulted in widespread food spoilage and restricted public access to supermarkets across Puerto Rico. The detrimental effects on both the electrical system and the livelihoods of the island’s inhabitants necessitated a transformative approach to energy infrastructure. Alten Energy, in collaboration with Mr. Special, a prominent supermarket chain in western Puerto Rico, embarked on a pioneering endeavor to implement photovoltaic or solar systems. This revolutionary step aimed to offer both commercial savings and resilience in the face of power outages or prolonged blackouts.


 The implementation of solar systems brought about a remarkable transformation. Beyond providing a reliable source of electricity during times of crisis, these systems became beacons of hope for communities. Places equipped with solar installations became gathering points, enabling people to charge their phones and find solace in the midst of darkness. Witnessing the positive impact firsthand, the Mr. Special supermarket chain made an ambitious commitment to further enhance their resilience.

Alten Energy spearheaded the installation of the first Tesla Megapack in Puerto Rico, an innovative energy storage solution. This monumental leap marked a turning point in the island’s quest for energy independence. By leveraging the natural abundance of wind, water, and sun, Puerto Rico embraced renewable energy as the foundation for a more sustainable future. With exponential growth in energy storage systems, Puerto Rico is making significant strides in the implementation of renewable energy technologies, which are critical for long-term resilience.

 Puerto Rico’s journey towards a more resilient and sustainable future has been an inspiring testament to human ingenuity and determination. Recognizing the need to prepare for the increasing intensity of storms and the associated power outages, Alten Energy and Tesla have played instrumental roles in harnessing the power of renewable energy. Through the implementation of solar systems and the installation of Tesla Megapacks, Puerto Rico has taken significant strides in fortifying its resilience against future crises. As the island continues to embrace the transformative potential of renewable energy, it sets an example for the world, highlighting the importance of sustainable solutions in the face of climate challenges.